For webshops

Kiyoh specialises in customer reviews. Webshops use our assessment system to collect and publish reviews. This enables you to show potential customers that they are ordering from a trustworthy online shop. Furthermore, as owner of a webshop, you can make improvements based on the feedback you receive. Kiyoh launched in 2009 and we are still growing. Thousands of webshops now use kiyoh. We also work with Thuiswinkel Waarborg. Show people what you stand for; a satisfied customer is worth their weight in gold.

Visibility on Google

Every webshop wants to appear as high as possible in Google’s search results. Kiyoh makes it easier to find you. As an official Google Partner, we ensure that all kiyoh reviews are included in Google Shopping and in Google Ads campaigns. The yellow stars that can be displayed in Google Ads next to your business details can also be applied in your organic search results. New customers wanting to place their first order will also be more likely to see you as a trustworthy party.

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